In my post about gorgeously decorated tables, I discussed how much inspiration I’ve had from some of the beautiful settings in blogland.  Strange as it may seem, I’ve never been one to go crazy trying to create beautiful table settings.  I guess because nice table settings only come out when you’ve got dinner guests and I’d rather spend my money on things I get to enjoy every single day.

However, this year I thought I would take a bit more time over my Christmas table and I’ve found I’ve enjoyed it so much, I would share it with you – even though I’m about 2 weeks early!!

I purchased a few things but I certainly haven’t spent a loads of money with much of it from eBay.  I’m still missing a few bits and pieces (like place cards settings) and the table will be set for 5 this Christmas rather than 4 but, this was just a practise run for fun!  (I know you, my fellow interior-obsessed friends, understand this, right? Setting a table when no one is actually coming around?  W thinks I’m bonkers but at least he’s accepting of my weirdness.)

So as you can see, I’ve gone with a simple 2 Metre piece of cotton/polyester blend fabric in a leopard print which sets all the gold off rather nicely I think and cost £15.

The leopard print was chosen as a direct result of seeing this gorgeous image:

I used the gold tray that was in my dressing room as the centrepiece and just layered a glittery reindeer, a mercury glass tealight holder, a gold church candle and some bottles filled with red roses (my £2 Aldi specials!).

The black and white ribbon wrapped around the bottles and candle pick up the same pattern in the napkins layered under the side dishes.

Speaking of side dishes, I loved the gold pattern and oriental look of these dishes (even though they were made in Britain according to the markings).  I got 5 of these for £6.50 – thank you eBay.

I also like that the table doesn’t really scream Christmas but the reindeer and the Christmas crackers are the only real nod towards the holiday.

Oooh and as you can see I got my gold cutlery!!  Again, eBay – brand new and never used – 12 place settings for £27.  Come to mama.

Both sets of gold glasses are also from eBay.  The smaller glasses (set of 4) cost me £6.50 and the larger gold rimmed goblets cost £12, including shipping.

The little mercury glass tealight holders are from John Lewis.  The website only appears to have them in red but I purchased them from the store in silver mercury glass at £6 each.  Even though it was in their Christmas decoration section, I really think you could use them all year long.

The gold chargers were from Sainsbury’s for £2 each (although I’ve seen them in lots of places for a similar price).  The gold candle was from Ikea and under £2.  The black and white striped ribbon was from John Lewis as well (£3.50 used elsewhere as well) and the white dishes, napkins, bottles I already owned.   The Christmas crackers were leftover from last year!

What do you think so far?  It’s my first attempt at a properly decorated table and I’ve probably broken a million rules so be gentle on me!!

In fact, I was going to look up proper table settings on the interwebs but I was quickly running out of daylight and didn’t want to have to use the overhead light so just took a guess as to where everything was supposed to go!!  I’ll probably make some changes on the day anyway…

Hope you like it and you are enjoying the run up to Christmas as much as I am!  I must apologise if I’ve neglected your blog the last week or so – it’s just been mad busy as you can imagine.  In fact, just yesterday, I checked on bloglovin’ and it said I had 476 unread posts.  Uhh.  Yeah.

I can’t make any promises but I will do my best to get caught up!  I’ve got lots to share in the run up to Christmas, it’s just fitting it all in around real life.  We all know how that goes, right?  Cool.

Anyway, later this week, I’m hoping I get to show you the rest of the dining room and my tree as well.  Stay tuned for that as it follows a similar theme to the table…

In the meantime… Can leopard print really look Christmassy?  Are you gaga for Gold Cutlery?  Trying something a bit different with mixed patterns?  How about good Christmas recipes – it’s all well and good to have a nice table but we all know the food is where it’s at!  Share and share alike in the comments!

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