I’ve been crushing big style on faux bamboo.

The Lonny Mag office shows how a little faux bamboo goes a long way in the style stakes.

Michelle Adams for Lonny Offices via Lonny Mag

Check out this really fun oriental style mirror.  It just changes the space completely, especially in bright reddy-orange.  I would never have thought this would work but somehow, it just does.

Ellie Somerville for Lonny Offices via Lonny Mag

Oh and then there is this stunning gilded bar cart.  Are you dying?  Because I am dying.

So, I wish they would have moved the lamp cord but ya know, other than that, it’s perfection.

via The Decorista

While I wouldn’t recommend filling an entire space with it, touches here and there add a glamorous nod to Hollywood Regency style.

This colour combination makes my heart weep with joy.  How beautiful is this table setting?

via Dolce Vita

Prefer something a little more subtle?  Then how about this gorgeous bamboo bed?

via House Beautiful

Oh, and you don’t need a big piece to make a big impression.  Even this small gold faux bamboo table at the end of this daybed takes the whole look up an eclectic notch.

via Desire to Inspire

This desk and chair combo is so glamorous!  (I need a bit of that greek key in  my life as well but let’s not get sidetracked here.)

Interior by Christina Murphy – Patrick Cline Photography via Lonny Mag

This bamboo dresser in the bedroom of Erin from Clementine and Olive (a new favourite of mine – if you haven’t checked out her blog, she’s got style in abundance) looks elegant and smart with a colourful vingnette on top.

via Clementine and Olive

And soon, I will have a little piece of gorgeous faux bamboo style in my own home!  

I’m so excited I could burst, if I’m honest.  Because oh my god, I have rocked a SERIOUS deal here, it’s almost criminal.  But you’ll just have to stop back to find out what I’m going on about…  I know, I’m a tease.

So do you love faux bamboo as well?  Do you have any in your own home?  Have you found it as difficult to track down in the UK as I have?  Or do you see it as yet another trend that you’ll soon grow tired of?  Spill all in the comments!

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