I figured as it’s practically December, I should do a post around Christmas, eh?  I think it’s the right thing to do.

So, I’ve been debating what colours to use when decorating my own home this holiday season but I think I’ve finally come to a decision.

Part of that inspiration has come from a number of beautifully decorated table settings which I thought I might share with you in case you needed an extra helping of lovely prior to setting your Christmas table decor. (“extra helping” – geddit? See what I did there? Oh I kill me.)

via pottery barn

It’s definitely time to break out the sparkly stuff.

via Shop Talk Blog 
(although technically a Thanksgiving setting, it still would work for Christmas)

Twinkling lights never goes amiss.  This crystal garland would look amazing on a Christmas table.

via Red Lilly

I saw this last year and I’m still in love with the idea of angel wings on the dining chairs.

via Inspire Bohemia

The mixed metals and candlelight here look so warm and festive.

South Shore Decorating via Arcadian Home

And then some non-Christmas settings that are equally gorgeous and inspiring…

How fabulous is that animal-print tablecloth with gold? Seriously considering something like this for my own Christmas table!  Possibly not that traditional but really gorgeous nonetheless.

via Made By Girl

Another twist on black, gold and white – stunning.


We’ll do another just because it’s too pretty to leave out…

via Luxury Monograms

So after looking at all these beautiful settings, are you inspired? 

I’m really quite excited about busting out the Christmas decorations.  I’ve been thinking of taking inspiration from a few of these images and throwing in my own twist.  My colours?  Black, white and mixed metals (mostly because I have loads of gold stuff from years past and loads of silver stuff from more recent years so combined – bam! Mixed metals.  Oh yeah.)  And as I mentioned, I might try to incorporate some animal print as well on my table for a little unexpected fun.

Also?  Desperate for gold cutlery.  I just love it.  Not sure if I’ll be able to score a deal on a set but I’m hoping eBay is kind to me this year.

Need more proof?  How beautiful is this colour scheme?  The Peacock blue is giving me heart palpitations.

via 5th/58th

What is your decorating scheme for the holidays?  Do you stick to a limited pallet?  Or are you all about the colour?  Are you mixing metals too?  Going all out traditional?  Maybe you are looking forward to a White Christmas? (Side note: I would love a white tree!)

Leave me some comment lovin’ – we’re all about the sharing here and I like comments like Father Christmas likes some Brandy.

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