This is the thing, see. I read a lot of American blogs. Well, ya know, there’s a lot of them out there, right?  And there’s so much CHOICE in the States in terms of the trends and styles that I find myself longing for on a daily basis.  It seems that beautiful things are prevalent and yet, they are only just beyond the ends of my fingertips, like a huge ocean of gorgeousness that’s just that too far away, too far from reach.

Jonathan Adler via House Beautiful

More than frequently, these items are just not available here in my little edge of the world.  I can search all I like for certain furniture pieces, certain fabrics, certain accessories and unless I want to pay top whack for shipping (I don’t), then it’s just not possible for me to get these items.

But there is some good news in all of this – as I alluded to in my last post.  Yeah, I seemed to have gotten lucky in the faux bamboo stakes.

Yes that does say $699AU.  via Adore.

Ya see, every once in a very great while, I hit gold.  And it’s those times that I am more than grateful that I live on this gorgeous little island with the fantastic dark sense of humour, the rain, the beautiful countryside and at times, the bargains.

Jonathan Adler via Decorpad

And I say this because I know that many people here in the UK aren’t saturated daily with the same beauty I see in blogland.  And sometimes, they have no idea of the value of the things they have.

Windsor Smith via Burciaga

Craigslist isn’t quite as popular here as in the States.  I have to rely on eBay to pick up furniture bargains.  But I know that original Eero Saarinen tulip tables are listed for £100.  That I could get a mid-century modern console for about £30 (Or maybe this one for almost half of that).  You see where I’m going with this right?

Lonny Mag

Now what I have been looking for and longing for (if you haven’t already figured it out which I’m sure you have being the clever clog that you are) was a set of faux bamboo chairs for the dining room.

Pereira Associates via Lonny Mag

If money were no object and practicality wasn’t an issue, then I’d probably go for something velvet and tufted but well, you are looking at a shitload of money for that particular dream.  Money that I won’t have for a while (maybe never).  So my mind was turned to these lovelies…

Rovin Raven

And when I somehow, miraculously found these beauties (not in their current state, mind you, but beauties nonetheless) on eBay, I knew I’d struck gold.

*drumroll please*
via ebay, the original listing

While I am sure you can find bargains in the States as well, I do remember reading that these go for anywhere between $300-$600 EACH in the States.  Now let’s just bear in mind, I couldn’t find these ANYWHERE in the UK – for any price, nevermind inexpensively.  (That link right there is a google.co.uk search for ‘faux bamboo dining chairs’ – you will see the choice is just less than inspiring.)

In fact, the only place I knew I could get them was on Jonathan Adler‘s UK site.

For £550.

Per chair.

Uhhh.  Yeah.

Back to my bargain…. The listing was for a set of 8 side chairs for £180.  Seriously.

Now, let’s be practical here.  I didn’t need nor do I have room for 8 chairs.  My table fits 4 – I can probably fit 6 in a pinch but I didn’t really want to clutter my room unnecessarily so 4 would be fine.  I sent the seller an email about a month ago asking if she’d consider splitting the set.  I already knew the answer but figured it wouldn’t hurt to be cheeky.

She responded saying she’d rather not but if she got another buyer wanting 4, she’d let me know.

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t hold my breath.  I mean, she had them listed as ‘Shabby Chic’ – WTF?  Who else would want these chairs if that’s what they were looking for?

Well, last week, I got the email.  She had another buyer for 4 chairs and was I still interested in buying the other 4?  (Does a bear shit in the woods?)

Come to mama.

Now, I admit it.  I fretted a bit originally (if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’d have read my panic pleas to help me make a decision) –  I mean, it’s nearly Christmas, I don’t NEED chairs… and I really need to save my pennies.  But oh god, what a deal.

There was no way I was going to pass these up.  I would regret it for ever.

So I have now purchased 4 chairs for £95 in all.  So soon, these lovelies will be mine.  Excited much?  You bet I am.

Now comes the fun part… what colour?  what fabric?  Oooh give me some good ideas, people because my mind is swirling!!!  The comment box awaits!

PS. If you want to see what my dining room looks like currently, you can see it in this post.

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