So as you may already  know, I have a bit of a thing for yellow.  That rich, sexy golden hue can come in mustard, maize, lemon or saffron and I’m all over it.  Combined with neutrals like black, white, cream and grey, yellow is provided a sophistication far from it’s ‘happy kitchen’ roots*.

I’ve been dreaming about headboards (dreaming – geddit?) for quite a while now.  All of our bedroom furniture needs overhauling eventually and so I’ve been getting lost on Pinterest looking at them.

And try as I might to convince myself that a practical neutral headboard is the way to go, I keep getting pulled into thoughts of a gorgeous yellow velvet one.  Sigh.

Sarah Richardson Design
Sasha Adler via Design Darling
Live Like You
Apartment Therapy

Gorgeous, no?

How ’bout we revisit my own not-even-remotely-as-cool-as-these bedroom…

Against the black wall, I really think this might work…  The question remains whether one should go for something quiet and non-crazy (natural linen perhaps?) or something loud and fabulous (yellow velvet)?  Hmmm.

My bedroom at night.  Kinda cozy, no?

At the moment, my bedroom has a rather … erm… traditional iron bedstead.  We need to upgrade to a kingsize bed because W is tired of Pablo stealing all the covers.

Don’t let that innocent look fool you.

Ok not really, we just like to stretch out when we sleep and a 4′ bed is not very condusive to ‘starfish’ style sleeping.

I have recently purchased a couple of very inexpensive prints for above each of the bedside tables just for a bit of zhush.

Here are the prints close up as the lamp light is drowning them out because my photography skills are a bit shite.

W’s side.
My side.  It’s not crooked – I reckon the lampshade must be.
Or maybe I was drunk when I took the picture and leaning.

Do you think a yellow headboard might work?  Should I take a chance?  Or do you think it’s a bit too much of a risk?

In my last post about my bedroom, I had asked the question whether I should paint above the picture rail and the lovely Hollie requested a wider angle picture in order to see the space better so you’re wish is my command.

Please do not hate on the horrible wardrobes reflected in the mirror, the mirror itself or the light fixture.  All of these will be going eventually!  (Along with the bedside tables!)

So now that you can see above the picture rail, what do you think?  Yellow headboard – yes or no?  Paint above the picture rail – yes or no?

Answers on a postcard…

Or ya know, just type them in the comment box and save yourself the stamp.

*not that there’s anything wrong with happy kitchen yellow.  Nothing at all.  In fact, I grew up with a happy yellow kitchen.  It’s all good, baby.

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