So as I hinted at in this post about black and dark grey rooms, I decided to take the plunge in one of the rooms in my home. That room, as you may have already guessed from the title of my post, is the bedroom. Now what I really want to emphasise is that I have a vision of how I want the bedroom to eventually look and this forms just a small part of it.

So I do hope you bear that in mind when you see the pics that the bed will be replaced in the next few months along with the bedside tables.  With a new bed, will come new linens along with a few new accessories.  In time, almost all of the furniture in the room will be replaced so what you are seeing is by no means a finished article.

But hey, I’m all about sharing here so even though it’s just a baby step in terms of the final look of the room, I want to share every step of the way here at Swoon Worthy.

So, how about a reminder of what the bedroom used to look like?  It was painted in a soft grey on all four walls which I didn’t dislike but I knew it lacked a bit of punch.

So with the addition of the black wall using Dulux Night Jewels 1, I think the room has just budged it up a notch.  The colour is similar to chalkboard paint – a very very dark grey but not quite black.  I got it in a matt finish which I really like.

It was ready to tip it down with rain when I took these shots and despite the lack of any kind of sunshine in which to speak, you’ll see the room doesn’t look too dark.

For the record, the other walls are painted in Dulux Dusted Moss 2 which is the same colour as my living room.   I know everyone goes crazy for Farrow and Ball but I love the fact that Dulux will colour match and it’s great quality paint.  I always seem to go back to it.

I’ll be honest, I wanted to paint the whole room black.  With two large windows, the bedroom gets plenty of light and considering the average sizes of bedrooms in England, it’s a very good sized room so I knew it could take it.  Unfortunately, W thought it was a step too far and so I’ve not been able to completely embrace my dark side!  Alas, when you live with someone else, you do have to make some compromises.

Not sure if it’s easy to tell in these pictures but I only painted below the picture rail.  Above the picture rail is white.  I’m not sure if I should extend the colour above the picture rail because I’d have to do the same on the other walls with the soft grey colour as well.  What do you reckon?  I have a feeling it would make the ceilings look taller but I’m not totally sure!

As I said, we are looking at replacing the bed soon.  I would love something upholstered, possibly in a linen-like fabric.  Possibly velvet.  Maybe silk.  Tufted.  Preferrably with a matching base.  Ooh and some nailhead trim.  (What do you mean, I’m too picky?) I continue to search for the covetable combination of high style on a tight budget.  I know I could consider DIYing the headboard but I’m my own worst critic and I fear I would make a bit of a mess with it and then hate myself for it and hate the headboard but feel too bad to scrap it all if it didn’t come out the way I planned.

Unfortunately, all the beds I really love are far out of my budget.  None of these prices include the mattress either.  Ouch.

Sweet Amberley Sleigh Bed from Sweetpea and Willow.  This just makes me weep.  
The price does too at £2395.
Raines and Willow Silk Bed £1600.  Yeah, I can’t afford this but I can dream..
Graham and Green’s tufted nailhead headboard in natural linen. £750.  Still can’t afford this.

So I continue in my search.

Back to my own bedroom… You’ll see the bedlinens have been reversed (it’s a reversable set) because I like the way the lighter colour looks against the darker wall.

I also like the way the yellow lamps illuminate the black.
The white of the door and trim really pops against the dark wall too.

I know it’s not a massive ‘reveal’ or anything but I am happy with how it came out.  I want to get some pictures for the wall, something to really pop against the black but we need to buy the bed first so I can get a feel for the direction I want to go.  I also want to get rid of the silver metallics in the room and replace them with antique gold.  But until then, this will do.

I have to say, I was surprised that the poll I did on my post about black walls showed the majority of people either happy to paint a wall black or go the whole hog and do an entire room.  I’m well impressed with my readers, you crazy risk-takers you!

So what do you think of the change in my bedroom?  Do you think it’s too dark?  Would you find it hard to live with?  Do you think I should extend the paint colour above the picture rail?  Do you know of great places to buy inexpensive beds that you can clue me into?  Or do you just want to share your own story of style compromises you’ve had to make?  Do tell in the comments…

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