As I did my research for this blog post, something became dramatically clear.  Almost as dramatic as the rooms you’ll see below.  It appears that opinions are entirely split on painting a room black.

Yes, I did say black.

Niki Jones

Or at the very least, a very dark grey.


And unless you have been living in a cave (no pun intended) you’ll have noticed the proliferation of this trend over the last year or two.

Lonny chief, Michelle Adam’s bedroom via Lonny Mag

One one side of the argument, it’s said that black is an instant design classic and it’s not something  one will tire of soon – it’s like the little black dress of interiors – it makes your accessories and furniture pop.  It looks sleek and sexy, classy and sophisticated.

See and Said Tumblr

Others ask how anyone can live with such a dark colour – that it’s depressing and cheap.  That any light has to fight to break into it when everyone knows that the best rooms are the ones with the greatest light.

morbid fashion tumblr  (HA!!)

Well, if there’s one thing that everyone does agree on is that black makes a statement.  A strong one at that.

I’ve been collecting images for a while now on Pinterest so I wanted to share them with you and ask the question… would you willingly go into the night?

We’ll start gently… with the darker charcoal grey.  Not too unlike what I have in my own dining room although I would say this is a pretty tame version compared to full on black.

My dining room

Apartment Therapy

Linen and Boxwoods

Now here’s black but with a colourful pattern and in only a very small dose.

Redlilock’s pinterest

So now that we feel more comfortable with the idea of beautiful rooms with darker coloured walls, shall we go to a single black painted wall?  I think we’re ready, don’t  you?

sf girl by bay

Lonny Mag

Door Sixteen

Right, I think it’s time to have a look at some completely black rooms – brace yourselves for Drama-o-rama.  (Yes, I’ve just coined that. Kinda catchy, no?)

desire to inspire

the happy home blog

style files

the diversion project

apartment therapy

apartment therapy

So now that you’ve seen my pics for fabulous dark grey and black rooms, I want to know what you think.

Oooh look!  A Poll!!   Well, that’s handy.  Go on, you know you want to.

So…How do you feel about the black room revolution?

And soon I’ll be sharing where in my own home (besides my dining room) that I’ve decided to go gently into the night… (the suspense, eh?)

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