The latest issue celebrates two years of Lonny (Goodness, has it really been two years??).  While many will argue that it’ll never replace Domino, for me it’s wonderful because there really is no magazine equivalent here in the UK with this kind of eclectic, glamorous style.

Here’s some of my favourite images from the most recent issue.  Enjoy.

The gorgeous wallpaper paired with the chevron rug is so simple and pretty.

The mirrored wall is fabulous – I love it paired with black walls.

My office desk looks nothing like this.  I need some glamorous accessories!

The rug and artwork and black trim is just plain sexy.

How fun is this map wallpaper?  Love it!

I never thought I would love a pink sofa but this is simply wonderful.

The zebra footstool in a mostly neutral room is making my heart beat faster.

More zebra love.

If you haven’t read it yet, what the hell are you waiting for??  You can find it all here.

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