After my post last month of my newest colour crush of coral and turquoise, I have been thinking about the direction I want to take my dressing room.

Obviously, at the moment, our focus is on the kitchen but it doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to dream about other rooms, right? (We are talking about kitchens still, right?  Oh good.)

So, I thought I’d share what I’ve been thinking about so far, all within a fairly reasonable budget.  So we’re not looking at total pie-in-the-sky stuff here or items that I can’t actually purchase in the UK.

So starting with the walls, I’m thinking of contrasting wallpapers – two walls in a deep rich turquoise with gold branches by Osborne and Little

and two walls picking up the same gold, but in a graphic geometric design like this one from Romo…

I need a new mirror as well and this one from Graham and Green has taken my breath away.  It’d probably be my biggest splurge for the room at Β£295 but it’s show-stopping don’t you think?  I’m dying over the little fleur-de-lis and the antique gold is the perfect finish to accent the gold in the wallpaper.  We are talking mega feminine glamour here.

To soften the blow to my wallet after the expensive mirror purchase, my plans were always to use two of Ikea’s legendary Billy bookcases to stand proud on each side of the window to hold shoes, bags and other items that may look pretty on show.

I was also thinking about painting a lovely chest of drawers a gorgeous coral colour like Janell’s from Isabella and Max Rooms for a serious splash of colour.


I’m thinking I’ll even change up the knobs with something a bit more fanciful.  Perhaps the top knobs will be these beauties from Anthropologie which will pick up the turquoise colour of the wallpaper…

And the bottom knobs I’ll replace with these beautiful dollops of gold and white, also from Anthropologie.

Of course we can’t forget a few accessories…

Like this beautiful jewelry holder from An Angel at my Table…

And also from An Angel at my Table, this lovely gold tray.

Of course, I need somewhere to hang my scarves so I thinking about a set of antlers for a bit of interest.

 And to pick up the coral in the dresser, maybe this fabric for a roman blind?  Too much?  Not sure yet on this one, will continue to look.

Even though this is from a US website, they do ship to the UK!

But to finish it all off, add a bit of surprise and to give it a bit of an edge, I am loving this limited edition illustration by artist Estra Roise I discovered via Inspire me Juju.

I realise it wouldn’t be for everyone and quite possibly W may end up hanging out in the dressing room a lot more than he normally does just to check out the hooters on show (and then after, he might even have a look at the girl in the illustration above! Oh, I kill me.).  I do love it though.  Sexy rebellion.  Yes please.

I might wrap it all up in an ornate gold frame just for a bit of madness.

Of course, there’d be other things to consider but that’s as far as I’ve got so far, so don’t hate on me just yet.

What do you think?  Any suggestions for improvements so far?  Anything else I’ve missed?  Are you dreaming of a new space to decorate?  Maybe you have your very own ‘lady cave’ as Michele likes to call it?! (I know you posted that days ago, honey, but it’s still making me laugh!)  Any colour combinations you’re crushing over?  Do tell in the comments…

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