I wanted to mention that the very lovely Hollie from I’m Busy Procrastinating presented me with a fabulous and thoughtful award!

Apparently the Leibster Blog award is for smaller blogs (less than 300 followers) that deserve some additional attention and well, despite having been blogging for a year now, I definitely have far less than 300 followers on Blogger, just 76 at the time of this post!

I try not to get hung up on numbers to be honest – it’s not a popularity contest after all and I write this blog as a hobby so those that follow, I’m very happy to have you here!  But I suppose its not going to appeal to everyone, you lot just obviously have exceptional taste! ;)  And perhaps, thinking about it, I can just market my blog as EXCLUSIVE – feels a bit more special, right?  Man, I’ve been in marketing too long.

Anyway, as part of the award entails sharing some other smaller blogs, I wanted to present it to the following lovely bloggers which I think all offer something a little bit different…

  • Rachie from A Chi Chi Affair for her endless gorgeous party ideas and style
  • Tracy from Romi and Bob for her sensitive craft work and the ethereal quality of her words
  • Rachel from An American In Bath for her intelligence, insight and dry humour
  • Margarita from Chocolate Creative for her beautiful creations and amazing talent

So as you can see from the gorgeous blogs above, quality (of blog) has nothing to do with quantity (of followers)… Enjoy your reading and thank you, once again, Hollie!!

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