Hello my lovelies, how has everyone been this week?  Apologies for all the quiet here on Swoon Worthy, work has been a bit of a mad one and my brain has turned slightly vegetative the last few days!  However I did want to check in and firstly, say a huge HELLO to my new followers!  Big smoochie kisses to you and welcome.  And if big smoochie kisses aren’t enough, I’m gonna share some inspiration pics – yes, I know I spoil you.  And we all like inspiration pictures right?  Well, hell, I know I do.  So let’s get started.

Now, the next step in our kitchen remodel is going to be the shelving.  I’m sure you’re aware there is some amazing inspiration in blogland on open shelving in the kitchen.  It looks stunning and just adds such a homely, personal touch to kitchens, don’t you think?

I must have looked at a million inspirational images since planning our own open shelving.

There are a few different routes that can be taken with open shelving and here, we’ll cover three main types.

The first are the clean lines of beautiful floating shelves…

Then of course, there are shelves with brackets which give it a more country-chic vibe…

And finally, there are what I’ve decided to call ‘closed’ open shelving. An oxymoron perhaps but they are only closed on three sides and open at the front!  I think normally this look is achieved when people have chosen to remove the doors from their existing cupboards.  Other times, the units are custom built.

Admittedly, most of my saved inspiration pics are of this kind of shelving.  I quite like the idea of units which  look a bit more substantial and possibly cut down on dust.  Of course, that may be wishful thinking.  If you have this kind of open shelving, maybe you can weigh in and let me know.

The sort of shelving units you see in these images are similar to what we are looking at for our own kitchen remodel.   However, the one thing we intend to do to take the ‘edge’ of their modern good looks is to add a bit of crown moulding to them kind of like this… 

Lovely, no?

Here, in my own kitchen, you can see where we intend for them to go with the use of rather sexy blue painters’ tape:  Forgive the manky walls, this is before we added the splash back, tiled and painted

Once the extractor fan was put up, we realised the unit on the left would need to shift slightly but the general position and size is there.

Buying the wood to build these beauties has been a whole other trial in and of itself.  Stay tuned for more on that ultra-amazing crock of fun-ness.

So, looking at all these fabulous pics, what kind of shelving do you like best?  Do you prefer floating shelves?  Gorgeous country-style brackets?  What I have strangely nicknamed “closed” shelving?  Or do you prefer glass fronted cabinets (which I would love to have but alas, our budget is a bit stretched)?  A combination of each?  Rather all your bits and bobs were safely stashed behind closed doors?  Go on, share and share alike.

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