This is an interiors blog and not a fashion blog, just so there’s no confusion.  However, I came across Traffic People recently and I have sort of fallen in love with their Spring Summer ’11 collection.

I do love clothing and I do love to express myself through my own (sometimes ‘unique’ so I’m told) style so I am hoping  you will allow me this slight segue into the world of fashion in this post!

Perhaps it’s the sunshine we’ve had recently – with it’s promise of warmer weather to come and the winter that has appeared to well and truly be tucked up in bed and the longer days that are now in front of us – that makes me want to cover myself in romantic florals and soft ruffles and muted sun-bleached colours.

I have fallen in love, not just with the clothing which has a lovely feminine and romantic feel to it (which totally speaks to me, I love flowy silky soft garments) and the beautiful models with their wistful poses but just as much with the crumbly vintage settings that are just simply fabulous.

From the Traffic People blog:

“Traffic People was the amazing creation of Louise Reynolds and Mark Readman. It all started off in the markets of Camden and Portabello. It soon escalated to the boutiques we have today! These can be found at Carnaby Street,  Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane, King’s Road and last but not least, the newly acquired boutique at Milsom Place, Bath.”

*sigh* London always gets the best shops.  Next time I’m there, I may have to make a special trip to one of their stores and try not to spend too much money (wishful thinking perhaps).

I haven’t ordered anything yet but I am so tempted, my credit card is practically yelling at me.   The prices are quite reasonable – most of the dresses range from around Β£50-Β£100.  One of these beauties may need to make it’s way into my wardrobe.

What do you think of the new collection?  Do you have any favourites?

All images via Traffic People.

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