All it’s done this weekend here in Manchester is rain.  While this could have been terribly boring, we took the opportunity to clear out the amazing accumulation of rubbish in the cellar and to get all of the tools, paint and various bits and pieces we’re suddenly amassing in order.  I’m happy to say we accomplished our goal and it’s rather nice to be able to actually FIND things again.  Now how long this will last is another story…

Spending the day in a cellar on a very windy, rain-soaked Sunday was enough to lower my serotonin levels I’m sure.  To combat the need for bright sunshiny-ness (that’s not a word but it is now), I had a look at the newest copy of online shelter magazine, Lonny.

Just gorgeous interiors, beautifully presented for my lusting pleasure.  Design porn at it’s very best.

The spaced designed by Lisa Sherry was probably one of my favourites. She mixed various styles effortlessly to create a chic, bright and sunny space for her young, hip clients.

I’m especially enamoured with the stenciled wall, the geometric rug and that amazing acrylic hanging chair.

The nursery is kind of fantastic with old-world charm via the wallpaper and the modern elements like the sideboard.

The bathroom shows that fabulous Anthropologie shower curtain that I’ve been lusting over.  A few people in my bathroom post suggested I could make it and it’s something I’m considering but I’m wondering if it may be a little beyond my rather amateur abilities!  I suppose if done pretty inexpensively, it wouldn’t be much of a waste of money if it comes out rubbish – and if it works, I’d be saving myself over Β£100!  So, yes, still thinking about it!

Getting back to this particular space, I love all the vintage mirrors in the space too.  Gorgeous.

I love the repurposed trolley as a bar cart as well and the plates which seem to reach up the wall like a vine.

There are other lustful interiors to behold as well, particularly Lonny’s office makeover which is just fabulous beyond words.  I couldn’t imagine working in such a beautiful place!  And my request to the colour coral: Stop. Teasing. You. Minx.   (seriously thinking of incorporating it somewhere in my home but is it too trendy do you think?)

I’m dying over the photographic art and the pop those gorgeous yellow lamps provide.  (Can you tell I’m craving the sun?)

Caroline Richard’s beautiful home was also featured with it’s stunning interiors…  I’ve got serious sofa lust.

There are so many more shots I could have featured here but go and have a look at the latest issue.  Definitely swoon worthy!

What do you think of the latest issue?  Any favourite interiors?  Are you having inappropriate thoughts about the colour coral as well?  Have you had fabulous weather this weekend and so did not need sunshiny interiors?  And if so, can you please send some up here?

All images via Lonny.

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