Well, as I promised you in my post yesterday, I have more dreamy shots for you thanks to Castle Gibson.  The second location I’m bringing you today is called  MC Motors, a 6000 square foot warehouse located in Dalston, East London.

The building has an interesting history.  The largest room was originally part of the school next to it and the smaller rooms were industrial units.  After being bombed in the war, a skylight was built, joining both areas.  Fantastically, the original Victorian street remains almost untouched below it.  Aside from the light that floods the space, the naturally dilapidated walls and various floor finishes are evidence of it’s long history and create a worn, industrial vibe.

Add to that an amazing selection of props and old furniture, and anyone would be hard pressed to have a creative block in a place like this.

Industrial chic at it’s best.  Drooling.

I love the giant letters and the soft faded blue colour of the walls in this space.

Recognise this space?  It was used in Dragon’s Den.  I love the Opera House sign.

The chandelier and poster provide this room with an elegance 
in stark contrast to the aluminium lined walls and brick flooring.

I’m dying over those steel lockers.  Want.

Now that we’ve seen what’s available, how about seeing how the space has been used?

I have to admit, my first thought when I saw MC Motors was, ‘What an amazing location for a wedding…’

Well, I was obviously not the first to think of that…

Flowers and linens soften the hard edge of an industrial space.

I love the old sign and the flood light contrasted with delicate vines.

I’m kind of loving her dress as well.

I had to include this picture for it’s sheer joyfulness.

And of course, those time-textured walls make a fantastic backdrop for a fashion shoot.

In the first, the hard edges of a rugged backdrop look perfect against the hard edges of the styling.

In the second, amazing ball gowns seem to flow seamlessly with bricks, concrete and wood floors.

Pretty amazing that the space looks entirely different from each photographer’s perspective, isn’t it?  It’s probably why I love a bit of an industrial vibe so much – it really lends itself to so many different styles and can be dressed up or dressed down, looks beautiful against soft feminity and gorgeous in more masculine settings.   You almost can’t go wrong.

I hope you enjoyed our little visit via Castle Gibson.  There’s one more location that I really must share so if you’ve enjoyed it so far, there is more to come!

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All images Castle Gibson except kittie picture via pinterest.

*No kitties were harmed in the making of this blog post.

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