You may remember my post on Traffic People not very long ago.  The dreamy, partially crumbled sets juxtaposed with soft feminine frills had me reaching for my credit card because wow it was seriously beautiful.  And I was so happy to see that many of you felt the same!

Well imagine my surprise perusing the website of Castle Gibson (having stumbled upon it via a Facebook ad of all places) and in particular, a location set they call ‘The House Next Door’ in Stoke Newington, London, and realising that the interior shots for this particular house looked awfully familiar.

Remember this stunning screen?

Here’s the room it sits in…

Remember the amazing wall in this shot?

Well, here’s another glorious look…

The broken plaster and peeling paint of this shot?

Well, here’s the whole shebang (complete with strange cardboard cutout man)

And the dreamy staircase?

Here it is in all it’s faded glory…

The utterly dilapidated interiors just add a whole other element to these shots I think.  There is a story here, or many stories I imagine, that each layer of wallpaper and each layer of paint holds in it’s memory.

I love the way it’s been weaved into the fashion shots to add a depth to each image – you wonder what she is thinking, what has just happened and why she is there… there is a certain beauty to the mystery and we are left there in the space, wistful ourselves, wishing perhaps for the back story or for closure or for something else, for something more….

Speaking of something more… In a coming post, I will show you more from Castle Gibson because I couldn’t possibly fit it all into one post.  They really have some amazing sets and I’ll share with you where and how those sets were used.  Would you like that?

All images via Castle Gibson.

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