After 11 glorious days off, I finally have to go back to work tomorrow.  *sigh*

We’ve had amazingly sunny weather nearly every day which I can pretty much guarantee you, NEVER happens in Manchester so it’s been a rather nice little stay-cation.  Part of that time included time with my brother who was visiting with us again and admittedly, most of our time has been spent either in beer gardens (whoops) or in our own back garden.  Honestly, it’s been brilliant, just having the chance to enjoy home life without the pressures and stresses of work.  I could totally get used to this.  Alas, work beckons because how else are we going to be able to afford the work we have to do on the house?  Hmm, yes, a quandary.

Anyway, as I revealed in my post a few weeks back, the dressing room floor had a little hidden secret.  Underneath the manky rug lay a lovely old wood floor.

Unfortunately, as old floors go, there was a bit of wear and tear to it.  As much as I’d like to refinish it in the future, just for now the the little room I get myself together in the morning is kinda low on the priority list.

So I thought a pretty little rug may be in order so that when I’m getting dressed in the morning, my tootsies aren’t freezing on the cold wooden floor.

Enter cutesy hippy rug. 

I kind of dig the orange and olive greens in it.  It’s got a bit of yellow as well which hasn’t really been picked up in these pictures but yeah, it kind of looks a bit retro in person. 

Do you dig it, man?

Oh and I also decided to recover my little makeup case.  It has clear sides so I used the wallpaper that’s in my living room to line it.

Here’s what it looked like before…

And here’s how it looks now..

The new look has cheered me right up.

And as W always seems to be in the pictures on my blog and I never get a look in being that I’m behind the camera, I thought I’d show you that I’m actually a resident here in this ol’ house as well.

Yes, I’m wearing my hair in a headscarf with a big bow.  I’m a bit weird like that.  Nice to meet you.

Oh and by the way, the lovely, talented Tracy of Romi & Bob is hosting a giveaway of her handmade fairy dolls.  They really are the sweetest things and the attention to detail is fantastic so hurry, there’s only a couple days left to enter!  

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