This week, I’ve been utterly enamoured by the locations that Castle Gibson have on their books. Today, I bring you the last installment.

Ruby House is Castle Gibson’s latest aquisition, a 5 story Victorian building with the same beautifully decaying walls and oak flooring as we first saw at The House Next Door.

I’ll just leave you to quietly admire it’s crumbled grandeur… 

Totally swoon worthy, right?  Mmmhmm.  I thought you might think so.

So now that you’ve seen the beauty that lies within Ruby House’s walls, let’s have a look at what’s been done with this gorgeous space.  Bearing in mind that they haven’t had the building very long, I couldn’t find a lot of images taken in this location but I found two rather special shoots.

Now, it takes a LOT to make Amy Winehouse look pretty damn hot but somehow this backdrop just manages it.  The softness of the light tapers her harder edges and gives her a floaty innocence that I didn’t realise was even possible.

Quite lovely, no?  I know, I was surprised as well.

The second shoot is much different.  The twins, Phoebe and Lydia Sorrel Lake, were shot by in-house photographer Molly Gibson.  The look is completely and utterly different.  It has a much darker feel and there’s something almost sinister to it. 

Totally different, right?  But still very very cool.   I’m sure there are many gorgeous things in store for Ruby House and I, for one, see so much potential in this amazing space.

So how about a recap?

As a reminder, the first post brought you the faded glamour of The House Next Door.

The second post gave you a glimpse of industrial at it’s fabulous best with MC Motors

And today we’ve had a look at Ruby House.

So which is your favourite?  And as a bonus question, if you could rent one of these locations for an event or photoshoot, what would you want to use it for?

All images Castle Gibson and Castle Gibson’s blog.

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