Ya know, I have no real issue with the Royals.  I understand their place in England’s incredible history and I know they certainly hold their place today.  Britain just wouldn’t be Britain without the monarchy.  I don’t even mind that my taxes have gone into paying for what will be a pretty spectacular wedding of my ol’ mates, Willy and Katie.  Ok, so they are not really my mates but one can pretend, can one not?

So of all the rubbish that seems to have permeated every motorway service station and every charity shop and every superstore of England, there’s got to be a few things here and there that isn’t completely horrific, right?

Well, luckily you have me because I’ve put together a little list of the things you may not even be embarrassed by if your mates stop by and see your support for The Wedding Of The Year.

John Lewis is carrying a rather fetching plate to express just how thankful we are to the Royals for everything this wedding has brought to the British public:

via John Lewis

Some other commemorative items that I thought were pretty cool amidst all the incredibly kitchy stuff that everyone and their dog is trying to cash in on.  Well, Oxfordshire would be a pretty sweet gift, no?

via John Lewis

Leaving the humour to one side, there’s a distinct theme of crowns as well as is to be expected.  This wallpaper by Graham and Brown is actually rather lovely in your own personal regal space.

via Graham & Brown

Bemoaning the thought that now you’ll never be a princess?  Perhaps a coaster to set your royal cuppa upon will make you feel better.

Via Find Me A Gift

There’s also a commemorative nail polish from Butter London called ‘No More Waity, Katie’…  Unfortunately, it’s not available to UK residents but everyone else can snap up this lovely greige with a touch of lavender sparkle and feel just like Kate Middleton! (Ok, maybe not)

via Butter London

And of course, no royal wedding would be complete without a little bit of good ol’ fashioned lie-back-and-think-of-England…

via Crown Jewel Condoms

How will you be celebrating the Royal Wedding?  A street party?  A few friends gathered to eat cucumber sandwiches and canapes with champagne?  Or will you be doing what I’ll be doing – a few cold ciders in the garden with the telly on in the background just so I can check out the dress and see what all the fuss is about?

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