Just a quickie from me as I’m away for the next few days in London for work.  However, I wanted to share the progress on the kitchen from this past weekend.

If you want to read some background on our kitchen remodel, you can find previous posts about the inspiration for what lay ahead here, discovering we had a false ceiling here, our adventures in ripping down the ceiling here and putting up the plasterboard here.  Riveting reading, I promise.  Ok, maybe not riveting but there ya go.  It’s a kitchen remodel, not Mills and Boon.

First off, W taped the seams of the plasterboard which is necessary before skimming.  Wetting it prior to application and using watered down PVA glue allows the tape to stick and provides a smoother surface.  I quite like the stripey look but that won’t be staying!

W, my very clever guy, also had a go at plastering the walls and he was surprisingly very good at it.  (Not that I had any doubt honey! *ahem*)  We didn’t get all the plastering done as you’ll see but at least the work has started there’s a very good chance we won’t have to pay anyone to come and do it for us!  Result.

Obviously, the plaster is a dark grey and the walls were a pale grey so that’s why it looks a bit of a mess.  We’ll be sanding it down and painting over it soon!

I’m also happy to say W wired everything up and installed the fisherman pendant lights in the kitchen.  We still need to skim and paint the ceiling so they’ll come down again temporarily when that job is ready to be tackled but in the meantime, we have light!

And I’m really pleased now with our decision to go with this particular style.  It’s just the right side of industrial that my little heart was hoping for.  We decided to go for three of them in the end because once the ceiling was gone, we realised the space was crying out for more.  I am also rethinking my idea of another pendant above the sink as I’m not sure it’s really necessary anymore.  What do you think?

I still have time to make that decision so I’m waiting to see if I change my mind yet AGAIN.  Woman’s prerogative and all that.

So as a recap, here’s a little reminder of what it looked like when we ripped the false ceiling out.

  And what it looks like now…

Step by step, people, step by step…

Hope you enjoyed our little update and I’ll see you at the weekend!  Have a fabulous week my sexy chicas!

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