I have been talking about having a gallery wall in my dining room since like forever ago.  Not having enough frames to hand nor having enough art really has put a damper in the proceedings as one could imagine seeing that most gallery walls are created using lots of frames and well, lots of art.

So my current gallery as it stands is a little stark at the moment because my ultimate vision – and let’s not beat around the bush here – will require more money.  Which at the moment, I do not have.  Now, there’s a surprise.

How about some inspiration pics to start us off?

I’m sort of obsessed with this dining room.  The dark walls and the industrial elements make my heart beat out of my chest.

via The New Victorian Ruralist

Again, here we have that fabulous dark grey with varying sizes of gold and black frames.  Of course, the chandelier and glass roof push it into another realm of fabulous but still, the wall is inspirational.

Hotel Telegraaf, Estonia

And I love the way this wall has a good mix of objects, natural wood frames and black as well.  Lovely.

Good Ol’ Pottery Barn

So now that you can see where we are going here, you may be wondering why it’s taken me so bloody long to get something sorted.  Well, I’ve been collecting a few things here and there for the last few months and I really just have the patience of a 5 year old waiting in the queue to get into Disney World so I decided to just start already.  Get some stuff up and see how it goes from there.

Anyway, here’s what we’re currently looking at in the ol’ Swoon Worthy household.

As you can see, there’s a good mishmash of things plus a couple of new bits which I’ll go through. And it’s in no way done yet so bear that in mind, I just thought I’d give you a progress report.

Excuse the BBC Radio 6 on the television.  After all the Royal Wedding hoopla, it seemed appropriate to just listen to some good music instead.

So one of my favourite pieces came in the post from a very dear sweet blogger mate who makes the most amazing mixed media pieces.  If you haven’t read Michele’s blog Hello Lovely Inc., you are properly missing out because it’s all sorts of awesome.

Here’s how the parcel came to me.  It was so pretty, I didn’t actually want to unwrap it.

But once I convinced myself that it wouldn’t be blasphemy to unwrap it, what I found was even better.  I truly love it and am incredibly grateful that I’ve got a little piece of Michele’s incredible talent there upon my wall.

It’s humorous, just like Michele.

And the little touches and attention to detail are rather fabulous.

Here’s how it looks gracing my dining room wall.  Brilliant, no?  Thank you, lovely lady!  

Also?  A little bird told me that there is an Etsy shop coming soon.  Can. Not. Wait.

So now that I’ve showed you the best bit, let’s see what else there is…

I purchased these large mango wood letters from notonthehighstreet.com.  I’ve been eyeing them for ages and finally took the plunge the other day and ordered them.  I happy I did now because they added something different to the wall and they are quite good quality – nice and heavy and solid.

We’ve also got a multiple image frame that I had to fill in somehow so I cut apart a little postcard-sized book I had of wallpaper and fabric images just so I had something to go in there.  I actually quite like the images but they probably aren’t permanent and I may add my own photography there eventually.  I do, however, think it balances out the big black television a little bit.

Sorry, they are a little difficult to see in the picture.

I also have proper girl-crushes on Sailor Jerry girls so I’ve framed a couple that have come from my collection which grows by the week couple of bottles that I’ve consumed responsibly of course…  For those of you who are not alcoholics among us, every bottle of Sailor Jerry Rum has an original Sailor Jerry girl on the back of the label.  These, however, may not be permanent.  I have an artist friend who is creating larger hand-painted Sailor Jerry girl pieces which will go on my wall but I’m trying to wait patiently for those at the moment.  Did I mention, I’m not the most patient person?  But, yes, I do my best.

Let’s see, what else…

Well, I may paint the little Incan Sun God that W got in his travels to South America another colour (white or another bright colour? Hmm. Stay tuned).

One other thing I feel that I have to mention:  I have a wood wall hanging that I’ve had for a good few years.  I do really quite like it because it’s chunky and heavy and is the exact same colour deep dark stain as my dining table and chairs.  The issue with it?

Um.  It has some hidden swastikas in the design.  And to be totally honest, when I bought it, I hadn’t even noticed this small strange fact.  Awkward.

Now, what I like to remind people is that swastikas, whilst in today’s society, may be associated with Nazi Germany, have actually been around for many thousands of years prior to this and are used widely in Indian religions.  It is a symbol associated with good luck and well-being.  I am desperately hoping that no one in blogland will be offended by this crazy anomaly in a decorative object but just to make it perfectly clear, I am NOT a Nazi.  Not even just a little bit.  I just happen to like this wall art.  Okay?  As long as we’ve made that clear.  Whew.  Swiftly moving on.

The ampersand I bought from Hobbycraft for £1.18 and decided to stick it up in the blank frame because it gave it a sort of 3D effect.  I just stuck it to the glass with bluetack.  Somehow, I think it works.

As I mentioned, my intention is to eventually fill this wall.  I want a crazy sort of eclectic thing going on in this room and I think that just going full hog on this wall will definitely help that.  As you can see, there is a blank frame there as well which needs something in it.  Getting there, people, slowly but surely.

Also?  I need some colour.  Isn’t it funny how you notice these things only after you photograph them?  But yes, definitely need some splash of colour, I’m thinking red and a bit more mustard yellow.  Possibly some blue as well.

How about a before and after?  We all like those, don’t we?

Ok, here’s what it looked like before we really started the room…

And here’s what it looks like now.

So, anyway, that’s where we are on the gallery wall.  It’s only taken 7 months to get here.  It may take another 7 months to get the thing done.  Hope you have more patience than I do.

Have any projects that have taken you 7+ months to not even finish yet?  Any awkward artwork that you feel needs explaining?  Think Michele is the bomb just like I do?  Do share in the comments…

Images unless otherwise credited are my own. 

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