I have a bit of a thing for a strong black and white geometic pattern in a room and there is something terribly elegant and confident about the use of monotone stripes that doesn’t seem to date.

I think the love affair started with Domino because it seemed that every other room they featured had a spot of it somewhere.

Domino Magazine image via
Jenny Lyon’s swoon worthy living room shot by Domino via
Domino Editor-in-Chief Michele Adam’s bedroom via Flickr
via Lonny mag
Gina Kate’s children’s bedroom featured in Domino via

Not every single one of those images are from Domino Magazine but you get the idea.  Black and white in whatever form it takes adds a certain impact that most other colour combinations can’t compete with.

So when I purchased a fabulously simple black and white striped fabric recently and threw it on my table just to check the length in order to fashion a table runner from the material, I changed my mind instantly.  I knew it would perfect as a table cloth instead.

Creating this was the simplest thing I’ve ever sewn in my life.  I literally just hemmed the edges and ironed it and the job was done.

I think it makes a great impact in the room, especially with the addition of brightly coloured roses which I couldn’t resist buying again this week.  Who says you can’t buy yourself flowers anyway?

Considering it was just £12 for the fabric off eBay (no surprise there), it’s an inexpensive and easy way to add a little somethin’ extra to a room.

I do realise using black and white to such strong effect is not to everyone’s taste so I’m curious to know what you think:  Have you used any bold geometric prints in  your home lately to add some impact?  Or do you find black and white a bit too strong for your personal space?  Do tell in the comments…

Images not indicated otherwise are my own.

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