Apparently this was designed from the scraps of pleated paper that is produced in mass amounts during the process of making pleated fabric, and usually abandoned as an unwanted by-product.

Start peeling…

The designers state:  “This primitive design responds gently to fabrication and distribution costs and environmental concerns, the kinds of issues that face our 21st century selves. Thus, the cabbage chair fits active, optimistic and forward-moving ’21st century people'”

Ta da!

Whilst I am absolutely all for recycling, I’m just thinking this looks a wee bit uncomfortable.  Maybe that’s what they mean by active (you would have to move off it quite quickly if you’d like your bum to not go numb) and forward-moving (see reason for active).

Would you be happy to sit in this for 2 1/2 hours watching Avatar in your living room?

Your WTF Moment brought to you from here via here.

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