It’s been a lovely relaxed weekend, our first without particular plans in such a very very long time.  I’ve been taking advantage of the time to properly spring clean my house along with getting on with some little projects I’ve been meaning to tackle for weeks so apologies if I’ve been a little quiet over the last couple of days.

What is it about blogging that when I’m working on things I can blog about, I end up falling behind on my blog and when I’m all caught up on my blog, I have nothing to blog about because I’m not working on things I can actually blog about?  Hmmm.  A conundrum if I’ve ever heard one.

We haven’t ripped the hole in the ceiling in the kitchen by the way. I’ve actually been working a wee bit on a room that I haven’t even shown you yet.  I know I’m jumping around a lot on this blog and on our house and in this post, for that matter.  From the dining room to the kitchen and now to – surprise – our guest bedroom.  But, hey, this is real life.  The kitchen is definitely now the priority.  We want to have it finished in the next 6 months so that hasn’t changed our focus.  But whilst working on this room (more behind the scenes at this point, researching counter tops and taps and flooring and lighting oh my), there are little things that we’ll just do as and when we’ve got the time.

As it goes, our guest bedroom/office has gotten some use recently with  my brother staying 2 weeks over two separate visits of a week each and another friend of W’s coming to stay next weekend.  So while the room is in no way finished, it’s gotten a little bit of attention which I’ll share later in the week!

To keep you ticking over, and to skip to another room completely, I saw these the other day and felt like I had to share.  Oh to have a bathroom like this instead of my grotty little one!

Gorgeous no?  Free -standing bath tubs and chandeliers give me heart palpitations.

I think the last one is my favourite which surprises me because it is so masculine. The bathtub is unbelievably stunning, I love (not surprisingly) the deep dark grey walls and the industrial detail is fabulous.  I’m in love.  Which is yours?

I hope you are all having fabulous weekends!

All images Drummonds via haute design.

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