How’s your weekend going?  My brother and his mate have been visiting again over the past week so things have been a bit more hectic than normal and of course, I’ve not been able to get to some of the little projects that my evenings and weekends are made for!  They are off to travel around Continental Europe tomorrow (jammy gits) so things will return to normal soon in the Swoon Worthy household.

In the meantime, I just wanted to let you know about a little tweak I have just made to the ol’ blog.

Now, as you may know, I do love it when my readers give me some comment luvvin’.  To be honest, part of the reason I started this blog was because I can’t really talk about interiors to the extent I would like to with my RL family and friends.  Oh, they will humour me for a brief, polite moment but I can see their eyes start to glaze over slowly as they begin to lose interest.  I needed to find like-minded people, obsessed with interiors and interior blogs, people that will quite happily discuss pattern and colour and texture and OMG did you see Jennifer Lopez’s bedroom, etc etc…  Do you find this too?  Please tell me it’s not just me.

OMG. Jennifer Lopez’ bedroom.  
I love that you care even when no one else does.

Now, as much as I love Blogger, I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t reply individually to comments.

And I do like to respond to comments because it creates more of a community and I like the idea of discussions – it just helps me get to know my readers that little bit better.  I want people to know that I appreciate them taking the time to say, ‘Hey I’m here! You aren’t talking into the ether!  There’s someone out here and it’s me!’  It makes my little heart sing.

So I have just installed Disqus (pronounced ‘discuss’ rather than ‘dis-kiss’ as I’d been doing! Numpty.) which allows for nested comments.  So far so good – it works with a number of different blogging platforms and allows you at the push of a button to import all your previous comments from Blogger.  So far, there doesn’t seem to be any glitches.  Installation was pretty easy, too – it was just like installing a regular widget.

For commenters, it allows you to log in via your Facebook, Twitter, Google, email/username or just Anonymous to comment and will carry your avatar so I can see your gorgeous faces!

Hope you like the new feature as much as I do!  However, if you do find any problems with the new commenting style, can you let me know? It would be most graciously appreciated.

In the meantime, I do hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  It’s amazing how quickly our alcohol is disappearing so I’m off to make myself a drink before it’s all gone! ;-)

Images from here and here.

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