I’ve been lusting after Anthropologie’s Rosette Bedding since the American giant hit our humble shores here last year.  So you’ll have to forgive me for gushing if this is old news to you…It very well may be that I was the last blogger on the planet who hadn’t seen the absolutely incredible knockoff of this textural masterpiece.

Here is the original in all it’s studio glory.

Unfortunately, the cost of the original makes it currently… um… let’s say “cost prohibitive”.  Like most of what Anthropologie carries.  Ho-hum.

But wait!  There’s hope for all us cheapos out there that find it somewhat painful to lay out Β£170 for something made out of jersey.  (Velvet? Oh yes.  Silk? More than likely.  Jersey? Hmm, not so much.)

This absolutely amazing tutorial shows how you too can have this gorgeous bedding – made, get this, out of white teeshirts.   The incredibly talented ladies of Kojo Designs managed it for under $30.

Jaw-dropping, no?

Go over and check it out.  I can’t say that I would ever have the patience to take on a project of this magnitude but this, my dear friends, is a labour of love that really pays out.

Find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.  (Told ya it’s a lot of work!)

*Unfortunately, Anthro in the UK no longer carries this bedding on their website.  But hey who needs them when you can DIY?

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