I haven’t done a Shop in the Spotlight post for a while and perusing Zara Home recently, I thought it was about time I did.

They’ve really picked up on a lot of trends that I see so prevalent in American and Australian blogs but rarely see on our fair shores so I’ve gotten very excited and I’ve basically had to sit on my hands to keep myself from pulling out the credit card.

As I mentioned in my last post, W pulled his ‘veto’ card on the oriental rug idea for the dining room which means I’ve been keeping an eagle eye out for something equally as fabulous.  There’s a few on Zara home that I love…

This is Argentinian Cow Skin and I’m loving the black and white stripes…

Something more subtle?  This one is also patchwork leather and I love the name ‘Rumbo’ rug.. I keep thinking of Rambo. Unfortunately, under a dining table, this will look like Rambo too after a while with all manner of spillage and stains.  No, we’re not animals but we are a bit clumsy.

FINALLY Ikat is making an appearance here.  I feared that by the time UK homeware companies started catching on to these gorgeous patterns, the trend would be over and I’ll have tired of it.  Happily, I’m loving this ikat rug which comes in three equally gorgeous colours and I’m definitely not tired of it yet.

Moving on to bedlinens… Stripes are always a classic choice and the lime green really freshens up the mostly neutral colour scheme… I think I need that throw.

After something with a bit more wow factor?  Oh yeah baby. That’s what I’m talkin about.

They’ve also got some great patterns for the table in gorgeous golden shades…

Need something to top it?  How bout this gorgeous cruet set?  I love the crystal tops.  A bit OTT perhaps for oil and vinegar but if you’re a shit cook then perhaps your guests will be distracted by the sparkle!

How cool is this guy?

I don’t think I’ll ever be done with mercury glass.  This? WANT.

At 22.5mm tall, this will make quite an impact filled with a beautiful or quirky collection.  The detail is fab.

And storage really can be beautiful…  these baskets are stunning.

Hop on over to Zara Home for more prettiness.  Hope you enjoyed our virtual shopping list. Now if there was a way to get a virtual job to make virtual money to spend on a virtual house, I’d be all set.

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