Granted, this isn’t going to be the sexiest post so there’s your first warning.  However, I just had to share.

W mentioned at work that we are going to be renovating our kitchen and included within that renovation was underfloor heating.  With gorgeous slate flooring on top like so…

His work mate casually mentioned that he’d bought some underfloor heating when they were redo-ing their kitchen and he still had it because it didn’t fit under his flooring.  In order to install it, it needs to go above a plywood base that sits above the floor and that raised the level of his kitchen flooring above what he wanted it to be.  So he still had it.  Β£240 worth of brand new never-been-used devimat underfloor heating doing nothing, sat in his home collecting dust for the last year or so.

A few checks into the details and he happily accepted our offer of Β£100 to take that right off his hands.  Ya see, our kitchen actually is on a slightly lower level (by about 3 inches) to the adjoining dining room floor.  So there’s lots of room to raise the flooring to whatever height necessary.

Shazzam.  That’s a savings of Β£140 thankyouverymuch that can be spent on other pretties.

And because I wouldn’t leave you with an image of some really ugly underfloor heating, how about I balance it out with some pictures of lovely kitchens that have been hanging out in my inspiration folder?

Ahhh that’s better now, isn’t it?  And isn’t that shelving in the last image to die for?!

Image credits:  Sorry, these have been in my files for a while, if anyone knows where they are from (save the quite clearly marked Elle Decor ones), let me know and I’ll credit where credit is due!

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