Oooh check me out, I just got my very first bloggie award :)

The lovely Carole of Dear Designer has bestowed upon me a most wonderful honour!

Now before I go any further, have you visited Carole’s blog?  It’s fab and she always manages to dig out the loveliest stuff from the web.  I mean, take a look at this gorgeous photo shoot location she featured recently…


Carole’s is one of the very first UK based design blogs I came across and it soon became a favourite so I was ever so honoured to be included in her list of blogs with substance!

In the spirit of the award, I must now list 10 other bloggers for the same award.  This is the fun bit as some of these have only just recently appeared on my radar so it would be great if you could give these girls some luvin!

Here they are in no particular order.

1. Michele at Hello Lovely Inc.
2. Dagny at Scandinavian Chic
3. Meera at First Sense
4. Sarah at Modern Country Style
5. Rachie at A Chi Chi Affair
6. Tracy at Romi & Bob 
7. Junko at Paonote Room 269
8. Melissa at Scrapbook
9. Melissa at Lulliloo
10.Heather at Concrete Jungle

So, now, my fellow bloggers, go! Spread the joy my lovelies!  Fly!  Fly!

Image credits:  Shoot location from Shootfactory via Dear Designer; Dove image from here

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