If you’ve read Sarah’s excellent advice on Modern Country Style, you’ll know that when making decisions on your kitchen, you should make sure your kitchen inspiration pics are rated no less than a 9 in your mind and scratch everything you don’t feel is absolutely swoon worthy.

Well, I think that’s pretty fabulous advice so I’m going to show you some of the images that have been floating around in my ‘Kitchen Inspiration’ folder for a while that I find myself coming back to again and again (even before I had a kitchen to work on!).  Because I’ve had many of them long before I had a blog, I don’t know where the majority of them are from so if you know, just let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to give credit where credit is due!

I’m going to start with my absolute all time favourite.  Every time I revisit this photo in my folder, I swoon just a little.  I love the dark wood counter tops, the pendant lighting, the pops of white china against that greeny-grey in the open shelving, the pull handles, the shaker style cabinets, the dark flooring… just everything. No idea where this is from unfortunately!  If anyone knows, please share because I would love to see more of the kitchen or the house if possible!

Here are some others that make my favourites list…

I love the contrast here between the dark wood floors and the white of the cabinets.  The glass fronted  shelving and the windows are fab too.  And of course, more pendant lighting.

Shaker style cabinets here too plus the dark wood contrasted with white subway tile.  Gorgeous.

Here’s where you’ll start to see a pattern emerging… Pendant lighting, white shaker cabinets, open shelving…

On this one we have again that dark flooring against the beautiful white cabinets.  I adore the dark grey, it just looks incredibly sophisticated.  It’s the home of Christopher Peacock, the kitchen designer.  Go figure he’d have a fabulous space (and how cute is that pup?!).  The image was found on Traditional Home.

This kitchen is from the home of the multi-talented Mrs. Limestone and I think it’s been in my inspiration folder for well over a year.  It’s got most of the elements I love with pendant lighting, shaker cabinets and natural elements.

Small can be beautiful.  I’m working with a considerably smaller space than most of these images but this appealed to me because the kitchen is ‘UK sized’!  I love the open shelving, the pendant lighting, the shaker cabinets and that amazing wood floor… I don’t know where it’s from unfortunately.

This one I found on desire to inspire.  It’s by Helen Green, a London-based designer.  Definitely Best of British going on here.  The dark butcher block counter tops are fabulous.

These pendants are just gorgeous.  They have a bit of an industrial feel.  The white subway tiles with dark grout are fab too.

So as you can see, there is little doubt which way I’ll be going here!

Here is my list of hopes and dreams…

Dark flooring
White shaker style cabinets
Shell-style pull handles
Open shelving with contrasted back
Pendant lighting
White subway tiles with dark grout
Butcher block counter tops stained in a dark rich brown

Now, I am a woman so I can’t guarantee that once we start the project I won’t change my mind at least 20 times.  But at least, with this little exercise, I can see what I’m drawn to and what elements are must-haves.

What’s on your must have list?


For all you lovelies who have come from Modern Country Style, welcome to my little blog!  Come on in, pull up a comfy seat and have a cuppa.  Sarah is just a complete sweetheart isn’t she??  If you want to see how the kitchen progresses, click on that little ‘FOLLOW’ button on the side there so you don’t miss a post! ;)  So nice to have you here!

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