So, right, I’m thinking about the little chest of drawers in my dressing room.

Poor little dresser doesn’t even get 
a picture in the daytime, bless.

And how I need a new one with more room because I’m pretty much at my limit on pretty knickers unless I want to start throwing things out.  I really don’t want to start throwing out pretty knickers (I mean, who does?) and of course I don’t want to pay out loads for a new bigger chest of drawers either cuz I’m a cheapskate like that.  Or perhaps it’s just I’m broke after Christmas excess.  So I’m thinking about getting something like this that I saw on eBay for Β£50.

Not me taking the picture, that’d be the eBay lady.

I’m actually still thinking about it.  Only I need to figure out a way to make it fit in a Ford Ka.  I may be thinking this over for a little while.

Anyway, so during this thinking time (which honestly doesn’t happen very often so stay with me here), I’m thinking how we still need something to store dvds in the living room as I have a very bare corner in an alcove that needs a little vava-voom.  And standard DVD storage units make me heave.

Seriously, just say no.

So I was thinking about how this little chest of drawers I currently have might be used for DVD storage in the living room… I’m all about reusing and repurposing me… and then I was thinking how I might be able to be transform it into something rather wonderful with a bit of paint… kinda like these little shoe racks that got the chevron treatment

You can read all about how I did that one here.  It took MATH people, MATH.

And I was thinking how nice it would be to do another paint job on another piece of crappy furniture to zhush it up.

And then I see this and I almost have a heart attack.

Is this way beyond my capabilities?  Probably.  But oh my god how cool is that.  How much taping will be involved?  How much patience?  Can I do this?

Could my little humble dresser be transformed?

Am I mad just thinking about it?  Talk me out of it in the comments, people.  Seriously, I need help.

Amazing chest of drawers image found here.  Ugly DVD storage unit found here.  All other images mine.

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