For the second installment of Christmas decor in the Swoon Worthy household, I thought I’d show you my living room. It’s the only room that’s even marginally close to being completed after finishing the floors, painting, wallpapering and purchasing the sofa that I am still completely and utterly in love with.

In this instance I took both night time and day time pics.

As you can see, I carried the silver, lime green and cerise pink into the living room.  The colour scheme, funny enough, was partially W’s suggestion.  Yeah, I know, I stopped breathing for a minute as well.

The reason for this is when I initially did the tree, I only used the silver, whites and greens.  And on the tree, it just looked very MEH.  I think the green against the green just wasn’t enough, it needed another colour to bring everything out.

So W and I headed out to the local shops to see if we could find another colour to make our scheme pop.  I initially suggested turquoise but after that was ‘vetoed’, the next colour up was the cerise pink.  W expressed that was the colour we should go for.  And so it was.

The ‘hole’ in my living room became a display area for my collection of ‘trees’…

And now for the daytime pics to see the detail and colours on the tree…

Excuse the girl in her tartan pj bottoms taking the pics… *ahem*

I finally got a few packages wrapped as well!  With Christmas still being a few days away, I’m actually feeling pretty on top of things finally.  Ok, so I ran out of cellotape part way through wrapping but hey, progress people!

How are you getting on with your Christmas decorating/planning/shopping and general spirit?

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