My darlings, I know I have been so neglectful of this dear little blog o’mine and as a result, neglectful of you, you wonderful peeps who return here looking for some new content… And for that, I’m terribly sorry and sort of grateful that I haven’t seen the look of disappointment in your eyes, that little grimace your mouth makes when you see its the same bloody post you saw yesterday… because that would just make me feel really guilty.

So here are all my really crap excuses like it’s going to help anything.

First of all, work has gotten very busy for both me and W, so when we get home after a very long hard day, the last thing I feel like doing is picking up a paintbrush or pulling up flooring or hell, even cleaning if I’m honest.  (Shhh, don’t tell my mum.)

Secondly, there is less and less sunlight for me to take photographs.  To be fair, I only see my home these days in daylight at the weekends!  I go to work when the sun is barely making an appearance, if it appears at all to be fair, so cloudy and miserable as it’s been here, and I come home with headlights on, the darkness having overtaken Manchester long before I’m able to say goodnight to the night watchman in reception.

Thirdly, I have resisted the urge to post SOMETHING, ANYTHING each day.  I really want this blog to be more quality than quantity.  So only if something really moves me do I intend to post it.  Which means not posting daily or even every week sometimes.

Just to appease you, my darling, I think you should know that the little projects I have started are still only partially completed.  I promise I’m not holding out on you…

At the moment, we still have the old sofa in our dining room and my search continues for the perfect sideboard.  I had found this one on eBay and got so excited when there were no bids on it after 6 or 7 days and I was still the highest bidder… I was feeling so confident, celebrating far too early with cries of ‘Only 2 minutes to go! It’s MINE, IT’S MINE!!!’ and then….. with only 25 seconds to go…. someone outbid me.  By less than £1.  It’s just uncalled for.  Honestly, I hope the person who got this one slams their hand in one of the drawers.  No, I’m not bitter, why do you ask?

The one that got away… *sob*

Thing is, not only am I picky but I refuse to pay stupid amounts of money when there are items like the above available for less than £100.  However, because I do not yet have a sideboard, the dining room not only contains the old sofa but also a number of boxes and bits and pieces without a home right now, piled up into a corner.  Not really the look I’m going for but needs must.  The search continues.

In better news, my amazingly wonderful W has revealed that he’s buying me a proper grown-up camera for Christmas!!!  SQUEEEE!!!  So with the failing light, the new fancy-schmancy camera should hopefully alleviate the need for the brightest sunshine for my images to come out.   Because honestly, I will be waiting for some time if I think I’m going to see brightest sunshine in the middle of winter in Manchester.  I’ve also been reading a lot about working with images “post-production” so that the quality of my images is better even if my photograph-taking abilities still need some work.

Anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough – I just felt I needed to explain a wee bit of my absence lately.  Hope you are all well and finding inspiration even if it’s grey and cold where you are too!  Need some help?  Check out this entryway…

Check out the entire gloriously amazing tour on Apartment Therapy.

Stay warm my lovelies!!

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