I have to say thanks to John & Sherry, those wonderful cutsie bloggers of Young House Love for providing such amazing inspiration today…  I mean, they provide inspiration nearly every day but today they just pulled out all the stops to the absolute joy of my curious little voyeuristic heart.

I always love their house-crashing posts but I simply could not resist sharing today’s featured House Crash with you.  Jordon and Landon have the most fantastic, eclectic, warm and bright house.

Oh my god and they are cute as well.  
I would hate them if I wasn’t secretly hoping they would adopt me.

There’s just so much inspiration here that my heart is actually beating slightly faster as I go through the images another 10 times.  And the best part?  There is just so much here that they picked up second hand or created with their own two (four) hands, so it’s not as though you can’t recreate their lovely style in your own home.

The brick wall and the mirror just add so much charm.

Are those chairs not absolute perfection?  
They purchased them for $40 and recovered them 
with contemporary fabric.  I’m in love.

I just love that this room is both comfortable and beautiful.

How fabulous are the bright pops of orange against the grey?

There are more pictures at Young House Love so do stop by and bask in the wonder of this fabulous house.  In the meantime, I’m going to see if Landon and Jordon are looking for a lodger.

Image credits:  All images courtesy of Young House Love.

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