How cool are these prints from Spineless Publishing?

Now whether you want to want to dig into your favourite classic without having to turn a page, impress your friends with your studiousness are or just enjoy the monochromatic artistry of typography, you can!

And yes, believe it or not, it’s the text of the entire book and at a font size of 4 points, it’s legible.

Don’t like the choices here?  Rather have Russell Brand’s Booky Wooky?  Or The Divinci Code? Well you are in luck.  If your favourite book isn’t one of their featured designs, you can actually request a custom print.

I came across their site via Domestic Sluttery but it appears that this wonderful and unique design is gaining momentum in the blog world so get yours quick before they become the next ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster and everyone has ’em.  At prices starting around Β£60, you are sure to find one that will beat hands down that dog-eared copy you keep on your shelf.

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