I just received in the new Autumn catalogue for Cox and Cox and just had to share some of the gorgeous finds…  And the best part?  Everything here is £30 or less…  Oh yes, you know I love me a bargain.

These lovely little votives have two elements that I need more of in my life… mercury glass and numbers.  What a lovely combination and the set of 3 is only £14.

More numbers but this time on a set of glass vases… so elegant.  These may need to make an appearance in my home somewhere.  For £30, they would add a lovely touch to an informal dining setting perhaps…

I’ve been eyeing the monogrammed mugs at Anthropologie but I am quite loving the big, sturdiness of these babies.  They’re £12 each.

I would also most definitely have more wine and cheese parties if I could break out this gorgeous cutter.  While £24 is a little pricey, you can’t beat something that’s both functional and beautiful.

I really love these little butterfly magnets.  They have a two-piece magnet so you fit the butterfly to one side and the magnet on the other… and they’ll add instant glamour and femininity to anywhere you choose.  A boxed set of 12 is only £6!  Talk about a lot of flutter for your butter.*

Wrapping packages need never be boring with this pretty lace sticky tape.  You get 25 metres for £5.

And speaking of pressies, how wonderful a gift of lettered stamps be for the creative people in your life?  The full set is only £18 and is beautifully presented.

And for total indulgence, how adorable are these little sugar hearts?  64 of them will cost you £24 but for special occasions like a wedding or a special anniversary, they are perfect for givin’ your sugar a little sugar…

There’s loads more on the website so have a nose over and let me know what takes your fancy!

* Yeah I totally made that expression up… 

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