Lately, I’ve been noticing more and more interiors with wall colours in deepest darkest shades…

I don’t know what it is… perhaps it’s the cooling temperatures beckoning autumn… making me want to curl myself up in a cocoon of rich velvety hues.

So I’ve been thinking….

Why not just embrace my dark side?

Why not get lost in the shadows?

Why not let the darkest hues envelope me?

Why not give in to the night?

Whoops, how did that get in there?  Mmm icecream…

Anyway!  So it goes that I have decided that my dining room needs a little drama.  It can take it… it has a large window and leads on to a bright kitchen.  With candlelight, it becomes a cave, dark and cool and mysterious.

It’s all very enticing, no?  I have already started the process and have changed my mind about the wallpaper already!  Well, it IS a woman’s perogative after all.

Stay tuned…

Image credits:  1 & 2:  New Victorian Ruralist  3.  Greige 4. Cote de Texas 5. Ooh La La 6. ABCD Design 7. Unknown

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