I must firstly apologise for the lack of posts this week…  Work has gone a bit mad and by the time I get home, I’m so exhausted I just want to kick off my shoes, pour a glass of wine and chill right out.

I also must apologise for the delay in showing the living room.  We didn’t get everything done the weekend I was hoping we would do.  And then as things DID get done, I realised so many things… that all we’ve had is rain the last week so the lighting wasn’t too great (and I don’t have a super fancy schmancy camera so need the good light) and when we did get a little hint of sun, the best times to take pictures was in the morning when the room gets the most sunlight and that’s when I’m the most asleep… that when the morning sun shines into the room, you can see the particles of dust that settle on the television and then I realise I must clean before I can take pictures and as I’m half asleep that doesn’t generally happen.  And then there’s the matter of my flowers which are dying – I need to buy new ones… and so it goes on… Please tell me I’m not the only one?

In the meantime, I thought I would share my homemade kitchen art.  I was actually inspired by a website called  Shopping Losts.  It kind of makes me a little melancholy looking at old discarded shopping lists, which were so important to someone at some time, making sure everything on the list is ticked off as they rambled through the aisles but discarded once it was of no use.  Awww, poor little shopping lists.

But Simon creates art from these little pieces of rubbish and such beautiful things he does!

I really want to know what ‘poodleoodle’ is 
and whether it can be used in conjuction with the exciting lingerie?

And so I decided that I would be inspired by Simon’s wonderful work and do the same with our shopping lists and create some lovely typographical artwork.

It was very simple, just used Photoshop really.

They add a little bit of personality to the kitchen and it’s easy to switch out the colours when I tire of the red…

We’ve gotten a new microwave since this pic was taken by the way…

So while I realise that a bit of homemade art work isn’t exactly a big reveal, I hope that it might give you some cheap and easy ideas for your own spaces.  Are we still BFFs?  *sniff*

What have you been inspired by lately?  Let me know in the comments…

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