Two pieces of very exciting news that have left me with a perma grin so had to share…

My sofa arrived on Wednesday. I’m not sure if it’s possible to be more in love with a sofa. Honestly, if I could run away with it and have it’s little sofa babies I totally would (would they be ottomans do you think?).

I’ve decided to add a sneak peak…

It’s just amazing how a great piece can just take a room to a different plane. It was a splurge, for sure, but in my eyes an investment that will last a very long time.

The living room, therefore, has only a few minor tweaks remaining before it can be shown off in it’s glory. There are still niggles with it that I have but I do believe that these are the things that sort themselves over time. You really have to give yourself time to get it right.

Hopefully we’ll have the living room done this weekend and I can post about that on Monday, fingers crossed.

In other news, the absolutely lovely Stefanie from A Brooklyn Limestone is to be featuring my chevron painting tutorial in her Steal This Idea Feature.

I can’t even express what a massive privilege that is considering I’ve been reading Stefanie’s blog for a very very long time and it’s one of the first that I read from which I began to formulate my own plans for my (then future) home. Her style is simply impeccable – glamorous and yet accessible which is a combination that is difficult to get right and she pulls it off with such aplomb… this woman has style is spades. Oh and check out her photography as well. Simply breathtakingly talented this lady is.

Well that’s my exciting Friday news and I hope all of you are having a dance-worthy Friday as well! Peace out my lovelies!

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