This, my dear friends, is what I have been living with as a window dressing for the past 8 weeks in my dressing room.  I would move the curtain in front of the boots and shoes when I didn’t fancy my neighbours seeing my bits as I was getting changed and when I did fancy them seeing my bits when I wasn’t getting changed, I would leave the curtain like so:

Gotta love me some tab top curtains circa 1998.

Pretty awful eh?  Yes I know. 

So, having had enough of my makeshift window dressing (and after a failed attempt at purchasing a roman blind from Next that didn’t work with my colour scheme – too duck egg rather than bluey turquoise) I opted for something much more simple:

Apologies for the poor lighting.  
We’ve had nothing but rain & clouds lately!

You have no idea how delighted I am with my ultra simple roman blind from Homebase.  I’m sure my neighbours are equally as delighted.

I have lots of plans for this glorious little room but as we are concentrating our money on the living and dining rooms at the moment, I am having to get by with something a little plainer for now and exercise patience.

My ultimate scheme will tie in the lovely colours from this wallpaper as I shared with you previously:

Sanderson Finches Wallpaper in Yellow

That doesn’t mean I can’t have pretty things while I wait, however.  And so I have been thinking about how I might embellish my little simple blind here.

One option is to add a ribbon trim like so:

Another option is to add pom pom trim, in white:

Or yellow:

Or possibly turquoise:

I am unsure what I want to do as yet.  I may end up buying a few bits and seeing which one I like the best.

I have to admit that I’m slightly in love with this look…

I did, however, want to show you something… I was in my garden, thinking about my little dressing room and which option would be best for my blind and I looked up in the sky and saw this:

Do you think it’s a sign???

What would YOU do?  Leave it plain and simple?  Or embellish?  Let me know in the comments…

Image credits:  All trim and ribbon pictures courtesy of Etsy.  Image of white curtain and blind with yellow pom pom trim courtesy of [this is glamorous]

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