Friday, 30 March 2012

Friday Free For All: House of Hackney

I fell in love with the strange and beautiful images that House of Hackney uses to advertise their fabrics and textiles and I thought I'd share them with you today!

Alice In Wonderland meets British Eclecticism:  Bizarre, interesting and just ever-so-slightly sinister, the images draw you in and the patterns entangle you into the crazy world of gorgeous British Design.

Enchanting, no?  Have a wander around the website to see even more gorgeous pattern and trippy roomscapes!

In other news, be sure to come back to Swoon Worthy on Monday because I'll be giving you beautiful people a chance to win FREE GEAR from Swoon Worthy Homewares!  Oooh yes, everyone likes free stuff, right?

Also, I'm hoping to put the final touches on the back garden this weekend so I can finally show you how it's all turned out!  Have a gorgeous weekend and see you on the flip side!

All images via House of Hackney.


  1. i love the one with the blonde and cat on bed. the angle makes it so much more intriguing. ah what a life styling shoots like this and just pushing the envelope to create something new and fresh with each launch.

    best of luck as you toil this weekend! i believe unless the rain stops me, that's where i'll be as well.



  2. ohhh pretty!! I love how high fashion these photos are! They make the interiors look so luxurious! I love the Alice in Wonderland reference too.

    I can't wait until Monday to see some beautiful homewares! I will also be spending my weekend gardening (if it stops raining.)

    ♥ Sara

  3. These are amazing! Can't believe they are fabric adverts!? I want some of the wallpaper in the top photo...!


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