Friday, 2 March 2012

Free For All Friday: Mason Jar Herb Garden

I like having fresh herbs in my kitchen.  There's something wonderfully 'home-made-y' and 'kitchen-y' and 'I-can-actually-cook-y' about it.  (Yes, I totally made those words up-y.)  Unfortunately, through the cold and sun-less winter, I've not really had any herbs in my little silver tubs near my kitchen window because they die on me with very little sunshine but I know now that over the spring and summer, they flourish quite nicely.  Can't wait to be able to get some soon - food tastes so much better with fresh ingredients.

My herb garden in summer past

Well, as much as I like my little herb pots, I love this idea.  Ya know, I thought I'd seen everything you can possibly do with Mason Jars but apparently not. 

How cool is this idea?

Camille Styles shows how you can do it yourself, right here.

In other news, I've got a wedding today of a dear friend who I haven't seen in a couple of years (how DOES that happen?!) so I'm really looking forward to reconnecting with some lovely peeps in the beautiful city of Canterbury in Kent.  It's an almost 600 mile round trip in all so forgive me if you don't see much of me this weekend, I will likely be nursing a fantastic hangover and mostly sitting around in my pyjamas on Sunday afternoon!

What have you got planned?


  1. Love this! With my track record though the herbs would be a slightly browner shade :)

  2. Aw, I do love a wedding, especially when you've not seen people in a while. Have fun!

    (Oh and when it comes to Mason jars, nothing surprises me any more...)

  3. I love this idea but with my black fingers and plants with suicidal tendencies, I have never been able to successfully keep a herb plant alive! I will keep trying though (poor plants)! Enjoy the wedding!

  4. i feel like i rule the world when i cook with my own homegrown herbs. can't wait for the growing season!

    have a fabulous time celebrating love!


  5. these are so gorgeous! i actually went to the craft store today and bought some mason jars myself :) i'm planning on spray painting them neon pink and gold and making some little vases. i can't wait until the flowers i planted in my backyard bloom so i have something to fill the jars with!

  6. I hope you've had a fabulous time at the wedding! I love weddings and they're a great excuse for a new dress and shoes ;-) I agree on the fresh herbs, it just makes everything taste so much better. Great idea with the Mason Jars! Hope the hangover is wearing off by now, have a lovely evening xo

  7. Love having herbs but mine always die so quickly! Do you water them every day? Hope the wedding was lovely! BTW - Habitat have some outdoor rugs this season (it was you that wanted some right?) They are lovely too! xx

  8. I love cooking with fresh herbs and this idea for growing them looks SO cool, but my practical head is coming up with all kinds of questions about how practical it would be for watering and keeping the plants alive. But it is a really lovely-looking idea!

    Hope you had a wonderful time at the wedding, darling!

    Meera xx

  9. Obsessed with this idea. Pretty much need to join "jars anonymous". I'm still in denial though.

    Xx. Patience


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