I am a creative and experienced freelance writer, editor and content marketer with a wide mix of content management and SEO experience, leadership skills, innovative ideas, creativity and a keen eye for detail.  With over 10 years of marketing experience, I specialise in social media and the digital sphere, creating engaging content to support both customer relationships and SEO strategies.


Are you a retail business in the interiors sector that is looking for regular high-quality copy for your own blog? I am an experienced interiors writer who has a real passion for design. I currently write for numerous retail business blogs including AO.com, Oak Furnitureland, Tile Mountain, Quercus Living, Ocean Finance, Avant Homes as well as many others. I can create relevant content for your key target market and understand the benefits of creating engaging copy that will inspire your audience. Please check out my Something for the Weekend posts to see examples of my writing work.

Email me on:
kimberly (at) swoonworthy (dot) co (dot) uk
with COPYWRITING in your subject line.

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If you are a business who is looking for someone to give you advice on how to approach creating your own lifestyle blog, I have the right experience to help you attain your goals. As the Editor of leading appliance retailer AO’s blog, AO at Home for 2 years (and currently a consultant on AO Life), I drove the full redesign of the blog, pulled together a team of talented contributors and created a site that was successful in turning content into natural links from the Huffington Post, Decor8, Apartment Therapy, MSN News, Yahoo and thousands of other online authorities and received 2nd place in the Amara Interior Blog Awards for Best Organisation Blog in 2014. I am currently helping a number of businesses to create and reach their content marketing goals. Let me help you to take your blog to the next level.

Email me on:
kimberly (at) swoonworthy (dot) co (dot) uk
with CONSULTANCY in your subject line.


Is your home a bit bland? Feel like it doesn’t reflect you or your personality? Want to inject a little eclectic boho glam into your space and love the place you live? Even if you are working on a tight budget, I can help you create a room you will be pleased to come home to. After providing some detailed information via email, I can produce a moodboard of your new look and a list of online retailers with links on where to purchase the items needed (as well as any DIY if you are willing) within your budget for your new look. Please have a look here at some of my previous design work.

Email me on:
kimberly (at) swoonworthy (dot) co (dot) uk with E-DESIGN in your subject line.

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