Ok, I think that sounded better in my head.

Nevermind, at last it’s starting to look like Christmas in the Swoon Worthy household…

Unfortunately, my camera is not too happy with evening shots so I did my best but please forgive the quality of the photos… I just didn’t think it’d be right not to share.  See how giving I am.  It’s all about the giving with me.

You’ll notice a new addition in the very first shot.  Yep, I know they are everywhere but I love them.  My very own white staghead.  Ain’t he a beaut?

The colour scheme, hard as it is to tell from these shots, is white, silver, lime green and pops of cerise pink.  As much as I absolutely adore the beautiful natural colour schemes that I keep seeing, I had to be sensible when it came to spending and as I had purchased a number of things last year around a lime green and silver theme, I couldn’t very well start replacing everything already.  I know I’m fickle like most of us who are mad about interiors but even I know my finances need a break every once in a while and buying Christmas presents rather than decorations have had to take priority.  (Maybe next year… heh)

Most of what you see here is last years’ purchases.  The only thing I bought for my table is the Christmas crackers from House of Frasier and the little glass tealights from Homebase.  The tealight holders are a lovely soft grey colour and caught my eye almost immediately whilst in the queue buying fairy lights.  I bought two of them, broke one of them before I even got home and had to go back and get another.  Oh well, good thing they were only £1.99 and that Homebase is within walking distance from my house.

The little reindeer tealights were from Sainsbury’s that I bought last year as well.  They are silver and surprisingly heavy.  I looked to see if they had them this year but I only saw them in gold or else I would have bought another two.  The beaded pear ornaments were purchased last year from TK Maxx.  They have a lovely sparkle in candle light.

I finally had a mantle to decorate!  I tried to get a decent shot of the garland purchased last year from Next but my camera wasn’t playing nicely.  They look a bit like eucalyptus that’s been sprayed with lime green glitter.  Oooh sparkly!  I just added a set of fairy lights behind it to play off the glitteriness.

One of the only new purchases this year is two gorgeously soft faux fur stockings from Graham and Greene.  They were a bit pricey at £24 each (reduced from £30) but beautiful and I know I’ll love them for years to come.  They are also enormous but that just means more pressies to fill them up!

Baubles hung from the light shade add a bit of whimsy.  They also pull the colour scheme together with baubles strung from silver ribbon.

Another shot of those lovely big fat furry stockings.

And one more shot using the flash to show off my handsome stag.  He looks so fetching with the baubles, I’m tempted to leave them all year round.  Ok, not really.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that little tour around my dining room.  A few things some of my eagle eyed readers may have noticed…

  1. No, I haven’t yet decided on window dressings for the dining room window.
  2. You can’t see the wall where the television is because there is currently a sofa still sat against that wall as I STILL have not found a sideboard that I’m in love with for under £100.
  3. My kitchen cabinets are still wood coloured.  We haven’t started that particular project yet.

Next up… the living room!  Stay tuned.

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