I have been a big fan of textile designer Clarissa Hulse for quite some time.  I can’t even really remember when I first saw her designs but the gorgeous colour combinations with the beautiful nature-inspired silouettes make my heart beat just that little bit faster.

I’m in love…

In a whiter than white room, this throw would make an 
incredible statement and be the star of the show.

Her fabrics are stunning and delicate, the patterns soft and natural contrasted with bright pops of colour.

These dining room chairs are just fabulous! And how bout those insane painted floorboards?)

So many choices, beautiful as a group or individually.

At this time, I’m really unsure what to go for in the bedroom but I’m starting to consider using a few of her gorgeous colours as a basis for the direction I take.

I love the soft gold against the grey.

Sadly, the only thing I own that has Clarissa’s stamp on it is my shower curtain.

Yes I do realise this is less than inspiring as the whole bathroom 
needs a massive refresh (aka ripping out and starting again!).  
But look at the curtain! Purrrrrty!

Her website is a joy to look through with loads available in the online shop to purchase.

How fab would these little corsages be attached to a simple cardigan or handbag?  At Β£20 each, they’d make a big impact without the major designer investment.

Or how bout a makeup bag? I may have to put one of these on my Christmas wish list (W, are you reading?!).  They are Β£15 each.

These little lavendar bags are just too pretty to keep in a drawer.  A set of 3 in coordinating fabrics is Β£18.

You can see the full range on Clarissa’s website and a number of items are also available at House of Fraser.

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