When we moved into our house, there was a lot of rubbish left behind by the previous owners.  Yes, thank you very much because we have actually were hoping for a rusted baby swing in the back garden and probably about 30 rusted, broken and completely useless plant pots.

Happily, digging around in the rubble, I found a couple of really lovely (although quite grimey) plant pots.  A little bit of a clean and they came up a lovely greige colour – not quite grey, not quite beige but the perfect balance in between.

I thought they’d look lovely in our kitchen so I replanted the gerberas (they were getting a bit big for the little white pot I originally had) and a wonderful chilli plant and sat them on our kitchen sills.

Nothing like a completely free update and it gives me a little smile when I see the nice symmetry between the windows.

I’ve been working on the shoe benches/tables this weekend so will reveal all soon!  They are very sweet though so here’s a little sneak peak:

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

Any cheapie switcheroos that you’ve had recently that brings a smile to your face?  Do tell…

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