Honestly, if Laura Ashley needed a bitch, I would gladly brush her hair, tell her she’s pretty and bring her tea and biscuits.

I was just looking at the new catalogue and noticed these babies:

Image courtesy of Laura Ashley

In the catalogue, they are listed at £45 per pair.  A little steep considering I’d need 3 handles (and would be forced to buy 2 pairs) but this sexy minx has decided to have a sale.  And in that sale, she has listed the door handles separately.  Which means I can buy the three I need at £13.86 each.

I *heart* you, Laura and forgive you years of indiscretions such as this:

Some other gorgeous things I’ve spyed with my little eye…

I think as long as you don’t fall into the whole matchy-matchy “I’ve just bought everything from the show room” trap, there’s some really wonderful pieces.

And if you see her, tell Laura I love her.

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