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One of the nicest surprises we’ve had since moving into our new house is the garden.  It’s not certainly not huge but it’s perfect for us in that it’s fairly mature and low maintenance.  There’s thick rambling ivy, a brick wall and lots of wild stuff growing everywhere which gives it a real relaxed attitude that’s perfect for lazy gardeners like ourselves.  And, happily, it is quite obvious that the previous occupants loved flowers.

The biggest peonies I’ve ever seen

In the last 6 weeks since we moved in, we’ve seen dozens of different blooms pop up here and there around the garden, adding colour and interest to the flourish of green. 


How I wish I wasn’t so botanically challenged and actually knew the names of these little lovelies but alas, I can only stand back and snap away and admire someone else’s green thumb!

Either that, or stick them in little vases around the house to give us a bit of a smile when the rest of the place is in chaos…

This perfect rose was behind some tall weeds, lying on the ground – 
the only rose growing on a neglected bush.  It needed rescuing…

We’ve decided to allow the garden to simply grow and do what it pleases this summer, save for some grass cutting and weed-pulling.  We’ll think about whatever changes we’ll make for next year while we settle in and watch in awe as Miss Nature does her thing…

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