There is an alcove in the dining room that I have yet to fill.  I have seen a few images online lately  that has me thinking about the possibility of filling that void with a bar cart.  Now me and W, we like a tipple or two (or three…).  We’re not heavy drinkers but a glass of wine, a bottle of beer or a cheeky cocktail does make it’s appearance on most evenings after a hard day’s graft or a relaxing weekend spent in the garden or with friends.

Now there seems to be two schools of thought on bar carts or drink trolleys or tea trays or whatever you’d like to call them… either they are a wonderful, semi-kitch 60’s-70’s cocktail party throwback that can be fun and perfect for entertaining or they are tacky displays of alcohol, bachelor-pad-gone-wrong, impractical because generally they are lower down than a standard counter top and why do you need to display your alcohol anyway?

Naysayers beware, I pride myself in falling into the first camp.

Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

It can’t be denied that a bar cart can look fabulous in the right setting.  A few sliced lemons, sparkling glasses, mixers and spirits in beautiful bottles can look enticing and glamorous in equal measure (MEASURE, geddit? I kill me!).

Even the vintage ones could be given a new lease on life with a bit of spit and polish.  For something like this, a tin of black spray paint to the metal (or even a bright unexpected colour – mustard yellow? lime green? vivid turquoise?)  and a bit of graphic wallpaper protected with poly on top for the trays could instantly transform it into a conversation piece and really make it sing.

This kitchy wonder went for around £35 on eBay.

Found this fabulous vintage number on eBay as well…  Gorgeous!

People of Staffordshire, Rejoice! 

This baby is a pick up only but with no reserve and a starting price of 99p

For those with a few more squid to spend, there are a few higher end options.  This beauty from Restoration Hardware may advertise to your friends that you only have two types of spirit on hand but they’ll forgive you when they get a look at those sleek lines!  Seductive isn’t the word.

Restoration Hardware Duncan Bar Cart

Or how about this little sexy number with the Queen Anne legs in silver leaf?  Staying in would certainly be the new going out in my house if I was pouring my Morgan’s Spiced from this curvy beauty.

Silver Leafed Mahogany with Bevelled Mirror Top from Quality Lounge Suites

And look how elegant they appear in the right setting.  Obviously, the drinks cart doesn’t even need to hold alcohol.  A few well-chosen pieces can redress your humble trolley into something out of the ordinary.

Image courtesy of Elle Decoration

And so, my search continues for the perfect bar cart but until then, pass me another Long Island Iced Tea, I might need to sit a while.

What’s your take on bar carts?  Love them or loathe them?  Leave a comment and let the world know where you stand when you’re getting em down ya neck.

Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

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