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A Little Luxury from My Home to Yours

Since 2014, I’ve enjoyed making my own hand-poured natural candles. It was always a hobby – a way to relax and unwind, watching as the wax would liquefy in my ban-marie, filling the kitchen with fragrance as the oils were gently stirred in, pouring into waiting vessels and anticipating their comforting glow once set.

I light candles at every chance – from a gentle fragrance during meditation or in my office as I worked,  to the warm twinkle of candlelight as evening fell, adding a luxurious ambience to my dinner table or as part of my winding down ritual after a long day – with a cosy throw and a book to hand or sinking into a deep bath.

 On my blog, I shared my love of candle making through tutorials for beginners to make their own candles at home and they were always popular. I would design printable labels to go with them, enjoying the process of making then and then sharing my creations and methods for others to enjoy – whether they were an indulgent treat or a thoughtful gift to give to someone else.

For years, readers and friends would say, ‘You should really sell these!’ but the timing never felt quite right – I would think, ‘maybe someday’ and then push it to the back burner. 

Enter 2020 and a global pandemic that changed the world. Like so many others, my work had gone quiet and I found myself with two things: more time on my hands and feeling stressed at things beyond my control. So I went back to the thing that always relaxed me and put me in a better frame of mind: making candles.

While experimenting with adding vegan dyes to candles one day, came the realisation that this was something I loved to do. My kitchen was filled with a beautiful aroma, the sun was shining, the tunes were playing, my kitchen was a mess of wax flakes, fragrance oils and various vessels I was busy filling. I realised how much I loved what I was doing.

If I had been waiting for perfect timing, well, this was as close as I’d ever come.

I finally decided it was time to share my joy of candle-making and allow others to enjoy these creations as I have. Every candle has been poured by hand in my kitchen in the heart of Shrewsbury in Shropshire. I ended up spending the best part of 2020 perfecting my creations, ensuring every element of Swoon Worthy Scents is something I am proud of and the result is five distinct quality candles that not only burn beautifully and smell fabulous but look gorgeous in your home even unlit.

Every candle in the core collection is a unique balance of natural plant-based waxes, natural cotton ribbon wicks and uses only the most luxurious vegan-friendly fragrance combinations and dyes. I have designed the packaging so they are not only beautiful gifts to give to ourselves but to those we love as well.

I’ve been sharing the joy of home for more than a decade now and I’ve always found it difficult to convey the importance of a beautiful scent in a room – it’s that additional element beyond that which we can touch or see that really defines our spaces and makes us feel relaxed or invigorated, calm or inspired. Scent has the power to bring us back to our roots or makes us excited for the future. It has a way of transporting us to another place or time or making us feel like we were always meant to be right here, right now.  

Scent is such a powerful thing. It connects us emotionally to the stories in our lives, no matter how much time has passed. And so, each candle I’ve developed has special significance to me, a reminder of a memory, a feeling I had, the joy it brought to me. I think after the last year, we all need that little bit of extra light in the world, a reminder of past good times and those that are yet to come.

Everyone has a story to share and through these candles, I’ve finally found a way of sharing that experience and connecting to others through this signature collection.

My hope is that your own individual experience begins from the opening of the box and continues for many hours as the candle burns, taking you on your own olfactory journey and transporting you the way that only a scent can do.

From my home to yours, these candles are a little bit of luxury and I hope they brings you the joy and calm that they have brought to me.


Kimberly xx


premium home fragrances from world-class perfumers and beautifully presented to indulge yourself or others


clean-burning natural plant-based wax, recycled and recyclable packaging with no plastics used

hand poured

from our home to yours, every candle is carefully poured by hand in small batches in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

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