Something for the Weekend: August 2017

Wait. It's SEPTEMBER?! How the hell did that happen? To be fair, I have always kind of liked September - it's a much better 'new year' than cold, miserable January could ever be. I mean, we get to indulge in new stationary for one thing, we get to pull out all those...

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Something for the Weekend – July 2017

I'm not entirely sure how it's happened but here we are at the end of July and summer is going by far too quick for my liking. To be fair, considering Manchester doesn't get the best weather in general, summer has been pretty kind to us. We've had lots of evenings...

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Something for the Weekend – April 2017

Well, would you look at that. With a blink of the eye, April has come and gone and we're closing in on summer. I have to say, it does genuinely feel like Spring is here. My garden is bursting with life and the sun has been shining just a little more often. While the...

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Something for the Weekend – March 2017

YOU GUYS. Oh my god, it's been a totally crazy month. In a good way, mind you, but crazy nonetheless. So first, I'll apologise for my lack of posts this past week as things have been a little busier than normal and neglecting my blog is the very last thing I like to...

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Something for the Weekend – August 2016

Ahhh so summer is finally coming to an end. And yes, I'm a bit sad about that. I truly love Spring and Summer - I love the warmer temperatures and the sunshine (why in the world are you in England, I hear you ask - I know, I know.) But I do love the Autumn - knee high...

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Something for the Weekend – July 2016

So that's July nearly done then! How is the summer going by so quickly? So far, it's been a bit of a mixed bag here. We had scorching temperatures last week (it hit over 30 degrees Celsius here in Manchester which never ever happens) but this week, the temperatures...

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Something for the Weekend – June 2016

What a mixed bag June has been, eh? Not just in terms of the weather (can you tell how Anglicised I am when I talk about the weather so much?) - sunny and hot one week and then raining and a bit on the chilly side the next - but also in terms of the general atmosphere...

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Something for the Weekend – May 2016

We're halfway through the year!! Oh my goodness, how does that happen? Well, it's nearly summer and I have to say, despite starting the month with the weirdest weather (wind, snow, sleet? what!), we have had a rather good month weather-wise as it's warmed up nicely...

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